Friday, June 5, 2009

Inspiration seems like a good place to start

I was thinking about what a good first post would be and asked myself, "what sort of content would you want from an 'uncommon marketing' blog?"

The truth is, that the very reason I follow so many different blogs, both of the marketing ilk and otherwise, is typically that I need inspiration just as much (if not more) than information. These days, information is not all that difficult to come by for even the least savvy among us. Inspiration, on the other hand, can remain elusive at times. So as I build out the content here, my goal will be not only to share my own experiences (and learn from yours), but also to pass along the gems which I've found along the way that inspire and encourage me in my life and in my marketing career.

One of my favorite websites for sheer, unadulterated inspiration is TED Talks, a site whose central mission is simple: 'spreading ideas.'

In this 20 minute talk, Clay Shirky reveals (dramatically) how technology has completely changed the way that we collaborate, how even the smallest contributor can add tremendous value to the whole, and what that implies for the future of the institutions with which we are all associated.

In many ways - that theme is highly appropriate to my own perspective as I begin this new endeavor. I'm no more a marketing expert than the next guy, but if I can pay back my community by simply sharing what I find as I seek out new ideas, perspectives, and inspiration - then perhaps I can do my part to add to the collective whole.

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