Friday, July 17, 2009

Must-Read post for social media marketers from Viralogy.com: Chris Brogan vs. Seth Godin

Whether you're just getting started with social media or you've been plugging away at it for years, Seth Godin and Chris Brogan are the two most important names you need to know.

Lucky for you, Viralogy just posted a phenomenal comparison of the two experts today, with the ultimate conclusion that "the best strategy as a marketer might be: do what Seth Godin says, but follow what Chris Brogan does."

Essentially - follow Godin on strategy and Brogan on tactics. But beyond that conclusion, Author Yu-Kai Chou goes on to give specific examples of exactly that that means, in the most comprehensive and insightful analysis I've ever seen of these two gurus.

This is one worth bookmarking and revisiting - as there is a tremendous wealth of information and insight to be culled.

Link to the full article on Viralogy.com site is here.

(P.S. - The argument could be made that Malcolm Gladwell could contend for one of those two spots as well - but the truth is that you should keep up with Malcolm anyway - not because of his social media prowess, but simply because of his uncanny gift for exploring and explaining the human psyche in the greater commercial context - as evidenced in this presentation on spaghetti sauce)

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