Thursday, July 9, 2009

One simple idea that can bring your dead marketing content back to life

In my current role, we're heavily focused on nurture marketing. At the core of this strategy is an ongoing series of white papers and articles from experts in our space that we deliver via a monthly email newsletter and periodic email campaigns.

Of course, we pay for a lot of this content, and to some extent, once we've sent a paper to our audience, we tend to avoid re-purposing it to ensure that we maintain a reputation for fresh, high-value content.

Recently though, like everyone else, we've had to try to do more with less. And in trying to figure out just how to do that, one of my co-workers came up with an ingenious idea for packaging 2-3 similar papers together to create a "Master Series".

We realized that many of our audience members had downloaded at least one (if not more) of the papers in each group, but as our contact list grows, we also realized that many new contacts hadn't seen all the papers in each group, and that by repackaging and positioning them as a master class, we could get more mileage out of the content we already had.

And the results were fantastic. In fact, the masters series we've put together so far have performed better than any of the individual papers included.

Here's the first one we rolled out:

These were literally just 3 papers that we had "hanging around" - but we packaged them together, threw together a new hero shot, and the next thing you know, we've got marketing gold.

Next, we put together a "Field Guide" in the same way, using multiple papers from a single author and actually achieved even better results:

Do you have any "stale" content hanging around that you can re-purpose? What was the value your audience got from the content the first time around? If you know the answer to that, then just consolidate your best relevant assets, up the ante on the value prop, and watch the leads roll in.

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